13805 Francesco Musco

Francesco Musco (1973), urban and environmental planner, hold a Bachelor and Master in Architecture and Planning at Iuav University of Venice and an international PhD in Analysis and Governance of Sustainable Development (Ca’ Foscari, Venice).
He is Associate Professor in Environmental Planning at the Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments –Iuav University of Venice. 
Currently teaches “Environmental Planning” and “Territorial design for climate change”. He is a charted urban and environmental planner, member of the Board of Architects, Planners and Landscapers of Venice.

Supporter of a multidisciplinary approach to environmental planning, during the last years he finalized his professional and research activity to the relationship between planning and sustainability, with particular attention to the implementation innovative planning tools (especially “climate protection plans” and “maritime spatial plans”).

Since 2010 has been appointed as Scientific Director (2010-2019) of the new EU Erasmus Mundus Master on MSP Maritime Spatial Planning, in collaboration with University of the Azores, University of Seville, Unesco (IOC), Corila and an international network of 30 associated partners working on Maritime planning issues (www.seaplanning.eu). 
Coordinator of several EU funded projects, among the most recent: 
• DG MARE/2012/25 ADRIPLAN – Project on Maritime Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean Sea and/or Black Sea (scientific coordinator of Adriatic Ionian Region Planning Design WP) (2013-2015); 
• International cooperation project “Sustainable Development and new asset in territorial planning in the wetland Humedal de Mantequilla, Ecuador”, in collaboration with UNDP Art Program (2012-2014).

• Central Europe Project “UHI Development and application of mitigation and adaptation strategies and measures for counteracting the global Urban Heat Islands phenomenon” (2011-2014); 
• Alpine Space “Seap Alps – Sustainable Energy Action Plan” (2012-2014) (scientific coordinator of the experimentation of climate planning on Venice Metropolitan area).