13923 Michela Milano

Michela Milano is associate professor at DISI, the Department Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Bologna. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1998 with a thesis on Constraint Programming. 

Her research interests cover the area of hybrid optimization, a multi-disciplinary field at the cross-road of computer science and applied mathematics, optimization for embedded system design and computational sustainability.

She is author of more than 120 papers on peer reviewed international conferences and journals, editor of four books on hybrid optimizan and guest editor of a three special issues. She is one of the founders of the Constraint Programming and Operations Reseach community, organizer of the first International CPAIOR workshop in Ferrara in 1999 and program chair of CPAIOR 2005 (Prague, Czech Republique) and CPAIOR 2010 (Bologna, Italy). She has been program chair of CP2012 (Quebec City, Canada). She is member of the program committee of the main conferences in the field, member of the Editorial Board of the Constraint Journal, Area Editor of Constraint Programming Letters and Area Editor of INFORMS Journal on Computing. She has been guest editor for a number of special issues in international journals.

Michela Milano is coordinator of the EU FP7 project e-POLICY – Engineering the POlicy making LIfe CYcle (2011-2014), aimed at integrating optimization and decision support techniques with social simulation and game theory to help policy makers in their decision process. The project also exploits opinion mining and visual analitics techniques. She is partner of the EU-FP7 project  COLOMBO – Cooperative Self-Organizing System for low Carbon Mobility at low penetration rates (2012 -2015) and of the EU-FP7-Smartcity project DAREED – Decision Support Advidor for innovative business and user engagement for smart energy efficient districts. She has been Italian coordinator for an exchange programme Italy Quebec: Algorithms and systems for the operational planning in industry and services (2007-2009).