Alessandro Pellicanò

Alessandro Pellicanò


Alessandro held a master’s degree cum Laude in Management Engineering from Naples University “Federico II” in Italy and a Course of specialization in energy finance, commodity trading and renewables from Politecnico di Milano.
After several work experiences in energy companies in Italy and Switzerland, Alessandro joined Enel in 2009, covering several roles within the Global Trading and Enel X Business Lines.

For 6 years he took the role of Power and Commodity Trader, Originator & Structurer of financial and physical products (cross-border rights, virtual power plants – VPP, virtual hydro plants (pump/inflow) – VHP, power purchase agreements – PPA on wind projects, options, tollings, profiles off standard, swing gas contracts) in European liquid markets(France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Swiss, Austria Czech Republic).

Alessandro spent 2 years (2016-2017) in Colombia to manage all the activities related to the adoption of Derivex, the local financial energy platform and other 2 years (2018-2019) supporting different LatAm countries (Chile, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Guatemala) in scouting and implementing new business activities related to the energy markets.

Alessandro then joined the new Division of the Group, Enel X, within the Global Business Development Unit and then getting leadership of Global Marketing and Sales Excellence Unit overseeing Enel X offering to Public Administration customers worldwide.

Married to Annalisa with whom had 2 children, Alessandro is a curious and enterprising person, he likes to experiment and challenge himself. He’s open and attracted to news, loves changes. Carefree, spontaneous, he has multiple interests and practice several sports. He loves his life


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