17054 Frank Van Steenwinkel

Frank founded FideCity in February 2014.
FideCity is a consultancy company in the area of “smart cities”. FideCity wants to approach the smart cities from a more holistic approach. Therefore, the legal (data protection, privacy, city platforms) aspects and business models (in cooperation with Vlerick business School) should be taken into consideration when defining architectures and technologies to be used in those cities. Fidecity is emphasizing the citizen engagement and buy-in in the strategic planning in cities. FideCity maintains a close relationship with the European Commission and is kept up to date with the latest developments around smart city related topics. FideCity is also providing consultancy for European Commission funded projects in the area of smart cities and smart grid.
Frank Van Steenwinkel, the founder of FideCity worked for Cisco from 1995 to 2014. Frank was responsible for the architectures of Cisco’s Smart Connected Communities implementation. In that role he advised on the technologies and architectures. Frank has been working recently in the Middle East region as a technical advisor in multi-tenant city wide projects and all technologies involved around those. Frank has also been one of the key architects for Songdo city (South Korea), which is a complete new innovative city that is currently being constructed. Also in Europe, Frank has been leading the blueprint architecture of the iCity Platform in the iCity project. Prior to joining the Smart Connected Communities team, Frank was leading the Cisco Technical Assistant Center (TAC) in Europe and led several services growth initiatives and worked on software strategy for corporate.
Frank’s developed for his house his own full converged automation system. Frank is an expert in the KNX-EIB protocol and other automation standards. Frank likes good restaurants and likes to work on cars. Frank obtained a Master’s degree in Electronics, Belgium. He is also reserve officer in the Belgian army.
Frank currently lives in Belgium with his wife and 12 year old son and 5 years old daughter.