17069 Alessandro Piva

Project Manager of the “Osservatorio Cloud & ICT as a Service” and of the “Osservatorio Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence” at Osservatori Digital Innovation.
The main objective is to support C-Levels in the evaluation, management and development of new ICT models and to be a point of reference for the development of the ICT market through interviews of CIOs and C-Levels (Large companies and SMEs), in-depth interviews and the organization of Interactive workshops and conferences.
Consulting Projects with ICT vendors and End-User companies: Benchmark Analysis, Competitive Intelligence , Market Analysis, Readiness Assessment, Roadmap of adoption, Scenarios intelligence

The main thematic areas are:

• Cloud & ICT as Service: Private & Public Cloud, Datacenter evolution, Energy Assessement, Delivery Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), IT governance, ICT Transformation, adoption models, virtualization
• Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence: Basic & Advanced Analytics, Social Intelligence
• Cloud Computing for Public Sector: Community Cloud, Shared Services, In-House companies role
• ERP: Evolution of Collaborative Systems, Structured and Unstructured processes, Social

Over the years I was in charge for other different Research Areas: Smart Working, Enterprise 2.0, Unified Communication & Collaboration, Bank 2.0